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3D Printing

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3D printing technology need to be introduced to very young minds for early learning, tinkering, adoption, so todays kids will be turned to tomorrow’s 3d printing professionals. It is very gorgeous to see kids first enthusiastic reaction on using the 3d printer for first time in their home with their favorite gadgets like iphones, ipads.


The Mission Street Manufacturing company targets kids creativity appetite by introducing new Printeer K-12 3D Printer which is already introduced in kickstarter campaign reaching many kids and their parents.


Printeer is a nicely designed 3d printer for kids in mind. The printer dimension is 16X9X12 inches which is equal to 406X229X305mm, which is the perfect compact structure for kids to carry and see the 3d printing in action inside. This printer is only supports PLA which is nontoxic, pleasant smell plastic filament which is good for kids. It comes with easy to change print plates sizes about 150X100X125mm. The most important feature is auto print plate calibration levelling and wifi connectivity.


3D Printeer can be operated and controlled by kids very favorite device iPad. They developed the printing software ipad app to make 3d objects and send commands to 3d print. This is the perfect platform made between physical and digital systems. Many kids are now very fond of digital systems rather than physical ones. Hope this will break the barrier in between in them and increases kids creativity on 3d printing technology.


The fund raisers on their kick starter campaign may get this 3D Printeer for low as $549 if the manufacturer can able to raise $50000 targeted fund budget in kickstarter to start their production. They should work hard to produce each and every machines to comply with rules and does not crosses the children’s safety limits. If this project to be successful, hope they cracked the market of all schools who needs to learn this technology very easier. They have the responsibility not only making easier hardware but also easy to operate user friendly software.


This 3d printer specially designed for classrooms. Think about it, if every class rooms of every schools have this 3d printeer in their desks, the mission street manufacturing’s goal will be easily achieved. Yes undoubtedly this is the 3d printer made for shaping future generation techies.



Print Everything You Imagine


You can print everything you imagine, whether it is your dream car models, handy guns, your cute figurines, sweet home models. Can you create yourself a 3d printer? Is it possible for a general user who don’t know much about electronics ? Answer is yes if you are ready to spend just few hundred dollars and some hours.


Time taken to build a 3d printer


One of customers Roger and Binny have built a 3d printer together from the scratch. They create some pretty stuffs with their 3d printer kit. Those are little bird, ring, Eiffel tower, a dice cube etc.

For non technical users, there are many assembled print ready 3d printers are available in market, but what you miss is the thrill of creating your own 3dprinter. You can also save more hundred dollars when using do it yourself Kits.


Build your own 3d printer

These guys (Roger and Binny) 3d printed a cube dice for not more than 8 hours which is not so bad.


Working of a 3d priner


I am going to explain the working of 3d printer, all 3d printers are comprises of internal hardware and operating software. All items you see externally such as nozzle, extruders, print plate, rods, electronics, etc comes in to the hardware category. Software is a printing program interface which sends commands to printer for making 3d printing objects.


There are more free open source printing softwares are available online. Most popular softwares are Print Run (Pronterface), Repetier Host, Replicator G. You also need proper slicer software to create layers of your 3d print object. The most popular open source slicer is Slic3r software.


You have to do the early scaffolding process when begin the process, some prefer to laser cuts from plywood. You can do screwing on rest of the parts. Power supply is needed as usual like the other devices. Nozzle extruder should be equipped with some small motors drive and a stack of electronic circuits boards which commands the movement of the parts.


There are lot of tutorials available in the internet to guide the assembly process step by step which may takes anywhere between 8 to 24 hours.


Then it is software’s job. It will do three processes such as view 3d models , edit the 3d diagrams, it converts those diagrams in to commands to the printer then slicer software slices the file in to horizontal pieces that 3d printer received via the command.


You are now ready to take your first 3d print. Either you can create your own 3d models from popular cad design softwares or you can download from .stl library websites like thingiverse., there you can find more number of 3d model .stl files available for free download.


After you created the .stl file or downloaded one from the web resource, you have to connect your 3d printer to your PC computer via USB cable. Then you have to open the printing software and import the .stl file you created or downloaded and make sure it is fit on the size of your window frame. A 3d printer can make multiple 3d models simultaneously but it is difficult or mostly impossible to print bigger than itself with a single non stop print. Then click print and wait to see the outcome.


Assembled 3d printer

Now you completed the 3d printer assembly and start building parts. Please remember you can also make parts of your next 3d printer , this what we called 3d printer is a Replicator.


Common Terminology Used in 3D Printing :


Printing Filament : These are the plastic strings. These strings are injected to 3d printer nozzle to produce hot plastic where all 3d models are made up of. Generally printing filaments are bio degradable , easily dissolvable and stronger types like the plastic where dices are made up of.


Nozzle Extruder : This is the part where heated plastic squeezed out to the print plate. It requires cooling kit fan.


.STL / .OBJ : These are the file formats of 3d CAD model file. It commands the printer to make model via the printing software.


RAMPS/GEN6/RUMBA : They are the stack of electronic circuit boards which is brain of every 3d printers responsible for all printing process.



3D Printer Price in 1980

3d printers are once a dream product for most of the users since its price is not affordable one. This technology introduced in 1980s offered at costlier price. They started it for industrial use rather than the personal one. Stratasys and 3D systems are selling industrial 3d printers for $10000 to $20000. Since 2010 consumers are targeted by personal 3d printer suppliers as the 3d printer prices are dropped and available for around $1000. Makerbot and Ultimaker raise its prices to $1000 to $2000 range 3d printers (makerbot replicator 2 series). Cubify and Afinia 3d printers are maintained under $1500 but most of the customers still refused to afford this price range too.

makerbot replicator

Emergence of Reprap

Stratasys later acquires the top supplier makerbot for over $400 million and it is estimated that 35k to 45k 3d printers were sold out in the year 2012 and still goes on double and triple. Reprap , an open source project started to introduce DIY Kits of 3d printers to replicate itself. These printers are available for affordable cheaper price from $250. Reprap provides all supplier details who sell standard kits to assemble it as perfect 3d printer. After the assembly process, you can use that printer to make another printer printed parts but you have to buy steel rods, wood panel, stepper motors and other electronic electrical parts.

The print area 290 X 270 X200 mm is more usual with the reprap kits. You can achieve minimum layer height of 0.2mm to 0.1mm print quality. Most of the 3d printers use ABS as well as PLA plastics (both 1.75mm and 3mm). You need an active windows or linux or mac pc to configure your .stl .obj print files but some electronics offers you to connect SD Card, in this case you don’t need computer to connect.

prusa i3 diy kit

The RepRap project is responsible for all the 3D printers we used in our homes and in small offices today. That said, you’d have to be a serious enthusiast to choose this machine over the many more sophisticated, more user-friendly printers on the market.

The Reprap is the reason behind all the commercial 3d printers that we are using in our offices, homes now. You need to be interested more in building 3d printer from the scratch. Earlier it is easier to find the best 3d printer kit in the market, but now you have to be enthusiast to pick the right one to built fully functional better 3d printer.

Consumer Friendly 3D Printers

The consumer friendly 3D printers are released by UP and Cubify. Both these 3d printers are identical in structure but differs in chasis.

cubify 3d printer


Both 3d printers maximum print area up to 140 X140 X140 mm which is smaller when compared to some reputed 3d printers in the market. They use the same PLA & ABS filament. They released printer in multi color format so the customers can choose their favorite one. Cubify releases printers with LCD control panel to calibrate the printer without software and wifi built in is their best. So no cables needed. This entire 3d printer price available for $1299 to $1499 ranges.

But DIY Kit market is not totally down, some of the suppliers such as Mbot3d, 3dstuffmaker, makerfarm, portabee 3d printer etc releases its own DIY Kits based on standard reprap with some features to enable 3d printer enthusiasts to try and build new 3d printers at home. These printers are available for $399 to $899 ranges which are affordable to most of the users in well developed countries.

mbot 3d printer

Reprap Prusa I3

Then Reprap released the latest version of prusa iteration called Prusa i3. This machine comes with some major upgrades which most of the hobbyists, engineers, 3d printing enthusiasts needed. Makerfarm gains more in the prusa i3 sale worldwide comparing to any other supplier. Now Replekio started to overtake Makerfarm by offering the same level of prusa i3 kit for just $350 plus delivery to the worldwide.

makerfarm prusa i3

Micro 3D Printer

Personal assembled 3d printers are still the solution for beginners who need to start off printing right out of the box. Skilled engineers and programmers started to get in to this industry to manufacture cheap 3d printers but only few are succeeded. M3D , a company from Maryland started a kickstarter project on April this year, they got record break collection of over $3.4 million in just one or two months of time. Now the printers are available for just $349.

micro 3d printer


The main reason behind their success lies on their product quality rather than affordability and reliability. They are offering unique feature in their printer called automatic levelling which is not available in some of the top most $$$ worth 3d printers in the market. This creates big trouble to top suppliers and they are already get affected by this company. We will expect the fall of 3d printer prices soon.



3d printing may not be there yet, but in three decades the innovation has advanced a long ways as far as the degree and utility of 3d-printed articles. Shock, amazement: It's not simply tricks and toys.

It's not difficult to be distrustful of 3d printing, which is still slower, more unmanageable, and less viable than accepted assembling. At the same time by centering just on the engineering's few remaining inadequacies, we neglect to watch how far 3d printing has as of recently come.

Here the most amazing achievement that 3d printer has given to this world..


Human parts

Ears, kidneys, veins, skin and bones have all been effectively 3d printed by researchers around the U.S. Rather than the ordinary plastic typically connected with 3d printing, these 3d medicinal "bioprinters" utilize a gel-like substance a product of cells. (The outlier is bones, which utilize an artistic powder rather.)

Propels in 3d bioprinting imply that sometime soon, specialists will have the capacity to furnish each patient with a flawlessly matching bone part, skin joining, or kidney (3d printed kidneys exist, yet they are not yet useful).



What's more until 3d bioprinting gets around to printing entire human appendages, 3d plastic printers are now fit for printing simulated appendages for not exactly $100 in only a couple of hours.



This NASA-supported 3d printing venture is sufficient to consume. The association started financing 3d-printed nourishment so as to sustain outer-space men in space.



Typically, it works from only one material cartridge. Anyhow the pizza printer works by printing from numerous cartridges on the double, holding material like batter, cheddar, or sauce.



Supplant the ordinary plastic in a 3d printer's cartridge with liquefied chocolate and the conceivable outcomes for modern treats are perpetual. You can print any written work or drawing that might be handled by a machine, and it'll be eatable.




Chocedge is one of the first chocolate-selective 3d printers, at some thousand dollars a pop. In any case there's a shockingly extensive measure of rivalry in the field of 3d-printed confection. In January, the Hershey Company and 3d Systems affirmed an association to make numerous types of 3d printed sweets. Assuming that the organization displaces plant specialists with 3d printers, it could have the capacity to streamline its process while providing for us marginally more modern Hershey's Kisses.



3d printed apparel may not be in stores yet, however its as of now appeared on the runway. Model Dita Von Teese wore the first completely enunciated 3d printed outfit made particularly to fit her. With about 3,000 joints, the dress streams as per her bends.

For normal individuals, 3d-printed dress could mean a level of customization past the capacities of any tailor clothing truly printed to anyone's particulars. In spite of the fact that unless you've got a figure like Dita's, you may not be only primed for that yet.


Musical Instruments

It's presently conceivable to make practical musical instruments wholly or mostly out of 3d-printed items. Financially, there's the Odd 3d printed guitar, which guarantees a remarkable look and in addition head acoustics. MIT Media Lab scientist Amit Zoran was fit to print a working woodwind. German firm EOS printed a polymer-based violin.



The main issue? 3d printed instruments don't sound quite great yet, anyhow not contrasted with accepted instruments. Violin soloist Joanna Wronko demoed a standard violin and the 3d printed one side by side at TED Amsterdam, and its clear which one crowds favored.



Urbee 2 looks more like a jam bean than an auto. However its really the first vehicle in presence that has been fabricated mainly from 3d-printed parts.


This three-wheeled auto is shabbier and more fuel effective than practically any vehicle available today, yet its 23 strength motor (with electric cells joined) would not joke about this could battle to achieve top interstate velocities.


Urbee 2's designers seek to drive the 3d-printed vehicle over the U.S. inside the following two years; however they'll have to do some work first. At this moment, the auto is no place close consistent with the U.S. roadway code.



Perhaps the most dubious creation you can manufacture with a 3d printer is a gun. The main model of 3d printed gun was known as the Liberator, created by 26-year-old Cody Wilson.

Notwithstanding, anyone who has a 3d printer and an Internet association can download and print their weapon out of plastic parts. In any case simply on the grounds that they're made of plastic doesn't mean they're not fatal as per the FBI, the Liberator shoot slugs fit for penetrating interior organs.

Despite the fact that the weapon blasted when the FBI attempted to print its duplicate of The Liberator to test it, Wilson transferred a motion picture of himself discharging it effectively. Exactly how long 3d printed weapons will be lawful, in any case, is difficult to tell, as nearby governing bodies work to boycott them.



One disruptive engineering sires an alternate when 3d-printed automatons meander the skies.

Specialists at Southhampton University have created the SULSA (Southampton University Laser Sintered Aircraft), an unmanned flying vehicle that could be mass transformed through 3d printing. It has a top rate of 90 miles for every hour, and can stay buzzing around for what added up to 30 minutes.

The automaton could be gathered from plastic parts in 10 minutes, without the utilization of screws or other tried and true clasp. Thus, it is practically quiet in voyage mode. You'll never see this 3d printed automaton advancing.


Mature person Products

Obviously, one of the first things individuals deciphered with 3d printers was the way to make something enchanting. The mature person industry has recently tackled the innovation to print dildos, vibrator sleeves, and different extras. Some are vigorously modified (connection NSFW): 3dea, a popup shop in Chelsea, is furnishing toys for clients customized to particular sweeps. .



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