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3D Printing

2 Posts authored by: kitfud
This story extends from my last blog post (click, HERE, to view)....   It wasn't long before the simple models printed on my new Printerbot "Simple" did not meet my expectations. View the pictures below: First off, the picture on the left represents a series of prints cancelled mid way through the process. What you'll notice is that the texture of, what should be a gem of a 3mm cube is all smashed together. This is the result of the Z probe (the up and down movement) not being calibrate ...
My third blog in the series "Reaping the Rewards" focuses on the cheerful topic of successfully printing 3D objects. You'll notice that this post is considerably more "rosy" than the trials and tribulations and the quirkiness of my first impressions with the Printerbot Simple Metal.   Once you get your machine working (and trust me, I know how annoying this can be) the Printerbot website recommends that you print the "fan shroud." At first I didn't really know what this thing was, or what ...

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