• How can I get product url

    how can i get the product url for this product   http://api.element14.com//catalog/products?term=any%3Afuse&storeInfo.id=uk.farnell.com&resultsSettings.offset=0&resultsSettings.numberOfResults=1&...
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  • SVHC Info from API

    Hi,   I've got this:   http://api.element14.com//catalog/products? term=id%3A890807 &storeInfo.id=uk.farnell.com &callInfo.callback=data &resultsSettings.responseGroup=large &callInfo....
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  • Invalid Timestamp

    Hello ,   I get "Invalid timestamp" error.   Here it says that https://partner.element14.com/docs/Product_Search_API_REST__Description   userInfo.timestamp: Universal time, referred to as GMT and in...
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  • API response is not valid JSON anymore

    Hello,   You made changes to API recently and now it returns not valid JSON.  ACTIVE, DIRECT_SHIP and TO_BE DISCONTINUED should be double quoted -  "ACTIVE", "DIRECT_SHIP" ,"TO_BE DISCONTINUED".  ...
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    created by kapustko
  • Available via API? Weight, HS code, UNSPSC code.

    The Farnell website shows "weight" as a property for products. Via the REST API I don't see it returned. Is it available via the API?   Additionally, is data about HS code & UNSPSC code available?   ...
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  • How i got image from this api it only provide the name of the image and also want the name of the category

    Here is the json file of this url   https://api.element14.com/catalog/products?term=any%3Afuse&storeInfo.id=uk.farnell.com&resultsSettings.offset=0&resultsS… In the picture tab it only provid...
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    Hy, I m trying to execut a method GET "Search by Manufacturer Part Number" about "https://partner.element14.com/io-docs " but i receive the next message ? Somebody have got an answer?   thanks for your help &...
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  • Status : Waiting

    Hi,   I try to use element14 API, but I get "<h1>Developer Inactive</h1>" when I try a request. It seems to be because my API key status is Waiting.   How can I get this key working ?   T...
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    created by agardiol
  • API 503 Service Unavailable

    I have an app that is using the element14 to update our database. I managed to do 20 or so calls to this this morning but I am now getting a 503 Service Unavailable HTTP response code when I try and use it.  ...
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    created by bbmatt
  • Error 596 on http request

    Hello!   At my environment I am using Built-in function HTTPRequest for example   Connection = New HTTPConnection("api.element14.com"); httpreq = New HTTPRequest("/catalog/products?term=any%3Afuse&sto...
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  • Anyone working with the API?

    Hello,   I am trying to make an application which uses 'product search API', and just when I start trying with the first part number I want to search: https://api.element14.com/catalog/products?term=manuPartNum...
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  • API documentation

    Hello,   I'm programing Excel based API access and I'm missing any complex API documentation. The one provided on https://partner.element14.com/docs/Product_Search_API_REST__Description is barely usable for basi...
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  • Other APIs

    Hi, Folks,   I have a question about other element14 APIs. Is there any method to download all products in catalog (more APIs)? Or is there are only a Product Search API where I can search one product at a time?...
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    created by matislovas
  • Time to API Key Enable

    I've requested an API Key some time ago and it's still stuck at waiting, 3 weeks in.   Can someone tell me how long it usually took for the API Key to be enabled, and whether I need to do something else.
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  • Element14 API + C#

    Hi,   I am new to API. I am developing a C# Windows Form Application for getting price data (or other spec data) from Newark or Farnell sites. Someone help me to complete this.   Goal is simple - I have li...
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  • error response

    I am getting an error response like this ({ "error": {"code":403, "message":"Account Over Rate Limit"}})   but this is not a valid json format. any reason why the json format is embedded in a parenthesis (). &...
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    created by raradhi
  • Lead Time from API inconsistent to Onlineshop

    Hello,   I for read out the leastLeadTime from the Product Search API (Rest) (example Order code 2435627), I got a value of 42. I expect this value represents days, I did not found anything about this field in ...
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  • Heads up - Transition to new eCommerce Platform

    As many will already be aware, Premier Farnell as been migrating over to a new Web Platform over last couple of years.   Whilst the public website is now fully transitioned, the API has remained on the old serve...
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    created by element14_Perks
  • How can I get category data for this product by Api

    I have api request:   https://api.element14.com/catalog/products?term=id%3A1278613&storeInfo.id=uk.farnell.com&resultsSettings.offset=0&resultsSettings.numberOfResults=1&resultsSettings.refinemen...
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    created by deniszhilkov
  • Minor discrepancy in the documentation

    Hi,   Firstly, let me thank you for the API. Even though I am just a hobbyist, it saves my time looking up parts I need.   I run into a problem whereby I was trying to get a response in JSON format. I coul...
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