Here at Avnet, we've been working hard to create Azure Sphere content to help developers jump start their Azure Sphere projects.  I wanted to create this blog to capture all the content we've developed as well as some links to Microsoft resources.  As we add more content, I'll update this blog.  So bookmark this blog and check back periodically to see what's new from the Avnet team.


Element14 Content


Out-of-Box Examples and Azure Sphere Tutorials

These blogs are a great starting point for learning about and using your new Avnet Azure Sphere Starter Kit.  They provide working code that exercises all the on-board sensors on the Starter Kit and teaches you how to connect your Azure Sphere device to Azure.



Troubleshooting Articles

Using Click Modules on the Avnet Azure Sphere Starter Kit

This blog walks the reader through running examples that utilize a click module library developed by james.flynn.  There is currently support for 7 different click boards.


All Element 14 Azure Sphere Related Blogs

This blog automatically lists all Azure Sphere blogs on Element14


Azure Sphere Hardware Resources Content


Technical Training Course

The Azure Sphere Technical Training Course reviews the Azure Sphere solution and provides labs to help the student understand how to develop applications using Azure Sphere.  The material has recorded lectures and hands on labs.  This course lists for $9.99 but is currently free!

Secure Everything Contest


Microsoft Resources


Microsoft Azure Sphere Learning Path


Microsoft Azure Sphere Example Projects


Azure Sphere Documentation


Azure Sphere MSDN Forum (Technical questions/answers and support)


More to come . . .