Hello all,


So I think I'm going to try to build a device that encompasses these design goals:


1. Monitors the following (minimum) parameters of your home on a continuous basis:

  • indoor temperature
  • status of power to the home (from the electric company)
  • status of the furnace or AC

2. Is connected to the internet and has the ability to send either an SMS message or email alert if any of the following occur:

  • loss of power to the home (electricity goes out)
  • indoor temp drops below freezing AND the furnace does not work
  • indoor temp exceeds 90 degrees and the AC does not work

3. has battery backup capability so that it still functions even with the power off (of course, if your internet doesn't work, it can't send a message!)


This is the start of my idea, and it will serve a practical purpose personally as I've wanted to build just such a device for when I'm gone from home (since I'm gone quite a bit).


I may add additional features if time permits, such as:


  • ability to remotely connect to the device over the internet to get data or control certain systems (ex: set temp on the thermostat for the AC)
  • ability to read additional sensor data, such as outside temp or alarm system status
  • OLED display on the unit to display data directly on the unit


Anyone have any other ideas or advice? This is my first project ever on E14, so.....wish me luck?