*** Updated 11/19/2019 ***

Azure Sphere New Hardware Announcement!

Of interest to the thousands of developers who have Azure Sphere Starter Kits, is the news this week that pre-engineered Azure Sphere "Guardian" Secure Edge Modules are now available to the general market



What is Azure Sphere Guardian 100?

While the Starter Kit provides a highly versatile development platform with a wide range of expansion options, Avnet's new Guardian-100 module, is purpose built to securely connect existing equipment (eg. appliances and equipment for food services, smart retail, HVAC, refrigeration and industrial applications) to internet-based cloud services.


Additional detail from Microsoft on the Guardian concept is available at the following blog and documentation pages:



Avnet Azure Sphere Hardware Portfolio


Ordering Part Number

Product Description and Webpage

Product Photo


Azure Sphere Guardian 100



Azure Sphere MT3620 Module (Chip-Antenna)



Azure Sphere MT3620 Module (UFL-Antennas)



Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter Kit



750+ different Click boards to choose from!




What is inside Avnet's Guardian-100?


Guardian-100 (Azure Sphere Secure Edge Module)                     


  • Based on the proven Avnet Azure Sphere dual-band Wi-Fi module, certified for operation in multiple global regions.
  • Reliable, secure internet connections are ensured via dual-band 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi wireless connectivity
  • The equipment/appliance/device to be monitored, is connected via Ethernet and/or USB-Serial interfaces
  • An on-board 4-port FTDI USB to Serial bridge interface eliminates the need for a separate programming adapter
  • Multiple LEDs provide visual feedback of Guardian's status (7 status LEDs)


Interfaces and Status LEDs of Guardian-100





Easy Setup and Test using Side-loaded Applications


Test applications are provided to setup and exercise the Guardian 100 interfaces



Add Cloud Services, Remote Updates and New Capabilities to Existing Equipment

  • Guardian adds secured internet connectivity to equipment already in service, by utilizing existing Ethernet or USB ports of the unconnected device.
  • Microsoft's Azure Sphere Security Service ensures comprehensive certificate-based authentication, failure reporting, plus over-the-air software updates
  • This OTA software update capability is provided for the life of the product and covers Azure Sphere OS and Guardian application firmware, plus firmware updates to the end-equipment
    (ie. a managed service to securely push software updates to downstream previously unconnected devices, eliminating costly service calls to update that field equipment)


Here's an example use of Guardian 100, interfacing existing coffee-making equipment to Azure Sphere Security Server and Cloud Services



For a quick overview of this type of solution, visit the following pages on the element14 community website:
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