The Sphere board sends the temperature to IoTCentral every 12 seconds. You can do anything you want with that info!


Have you ever wanted to monitor the temperature of your home or some other space? And view that data from anywhere? And have that data be super secure?


This Azure Sphere project does all of that! Just put the Sphere board where you want to measure the temperature and connect it to your wifi network. It uses the onboard temperature sensor of the ST LSM6DSO chip to measure the ambient temperature every 12 seconds. The data is published to Microsoft Azure IoT Central for you to view, create alerts and commands to act on that data. For example, if the temperature in your house drops below 18C, you can set up an alert email to remind you to turn the heat on. Or if the temperature is above 50C, maybe your house is on fire and you should call the fire department!


I took the existing accelerometer/giro project that Cabe Atwell provided and changed it to continuously publish the temperature data. Although this project is fairly simple, it is quite useful, especially to those that do not have smart-thermometers in their homes or want more insight into the temperature data and control actions on that data.


IoT Central Screenshot

Screenshot of the IoT Central dashboard showing the analytics for my Sphere device publishing the temperature over the last 10 minutes.


I took the existing main.c file and modified the SendSimulatedTemperature function around lines 570-635 (see attached main.c file). No PCB changes or external circuitry are needed for this project to work.