Update 6/20/20


I've been having more fun practicing my 3D modeling skills on the weekends.  I've created the next version of the 3D printable case for the Avnet Starter Kit.  This kit does not require any hardware for the board or the lid.  See all the details and download the 3D files here: Link.  I may have gone a little overboard with this design, but I had fun learning more about Fusion 360.






Video showing how to use the case:  https://youtu.be/-Kn5wOaPUuw


The new case with a board installed

Case features


Multiple interchangeable Lids, this one for a standard Starter Kit without the OLED 4-pin header

This Lid for boards where the user installed the 4-pin header


An add-on battery box that mounts to the bottom of the case and holds a external battery.  See the thingaverse page for battery details.

The kit with the OLED lid and the battery box

A second case with a cutout if you soldered your OLED to your board