In case it is of interest, here is how I spent the Azure Sphere virtual credit card:

I could have just bought rolls of 3D printer filament, but that wouldn't have any interest as a blog subject.


The Hackster contest provided a Raspberry Pi 4 (Tier 3 prize) Thanks Hackster.

Of course this little beast needs a case with a heat sink, so I found a really nice one - with no fans needed:

Now the only display with 4K resolution in the house is the TV in the living room, so it will need a wireless keyboard and mouse:

I want wired ethernet (partly because I'm not sure I believe the spec that claims WiFi is unaffected by this solid metal case)

but there is another ethernet device at this location, so it needs an ethernet switch:

That should make a make a nice computer and media player system.

Next I wanted to improve my bench a bit, so this little multi-function meter looked interesting:

Next item on the agenda was a vehicle diagnostic instrument:

In my car if "someone" doesn't tighten the gas filler cap properly, the engine light comes on.

This gizmo can reset the indicator without an expensive trip to the garage.

That takes care of home entertainment, bench instruments and mobile instruments.

Next I wanted an instrument for work - to monitor air quality:

Maybe I can use it as an excuse to call for a break in long meetings.

Instrumentation is fine, but I also want something to build, so an ESP32 Feather looked like a great little platform:

And finally I wanted something for a fun project, so why not some electronic eyes from Adafruit:

with some plastic lenses of course:

Thanks danzima, element14 and Microsoft, it has been fun trying to come up with an eclectic mix of fun and useful items that other members can relate to.

The fun isn't over, it will really kick off when this stuff starts arriving.

Hopefully some of these items will find their way into element14 blogs.…