............Step by Step, to build one Smart Fridge on Azure IoT Hub! ............

......Still Draft Version......


  • Fridge is important at home, keep food and beverage fresh. But we can not remember every item within fridge, keep-traces-and-record is further away. Smart fridge would make normal fridge smarter, with Functions,

Keep trace of the temperature inside and outside of  the fridge,

control on/off state of fridge to save energy,

record the items stored in the fridge and storage-period in the fridge.

Alert the expire date and refill the supply with wifi connection to backend Azure Cloud IoT

  • Azure Sphere MT3620 kits and Thermo 7 click would be used, with Azure IoT as cloud-end service.

I would build one Portable Fridge Box from scratch, with insulation and all neccessary cooling pad, 12V power plug ready for car-socket.


1. To Dig MT3620 Kits and Discovery Azure Cloud behind

     Even there have been many great Roadtests, the coming MT3620 Kit is still worth one roadtest to find out what is behind, It is really big picture and ecosystem with Azure Cloud in center.

     -- To be updated and link to new blog.


2. Build and Make the smart Control-Hub with MT3620 Kit and Thermo 7 Click


  • bill of material
  • code
  • photos and/or video
  • clear instructions

     -- To be updated and link to new blog.


3. Configuration and Play with Azure IoT Hub

     -- To be updated and link to new blog.



4. Build the Fridge from Scratch

     -- To be updated and link to new blog.


5. Assemble, Test and Pilot Running

     -- To be updated and link to new blog.


6. Reference

6.1 Play with Visual Code with Azure Sphere SDK in Ubuntu 18.4.0 instead Windows 10

6.2 Thermal Insulation Calculation

6.3 Bare-metal RTapp Code vs High-level Code

     -- To be updated and link to new blog.