Taking care of plant requires lots of time and patience that to when you are trying to grow a bonsai tree the amount of time required increases drastically. I wanted a bonsai tree in my room always and I was always thought I could never take care of the plant and I was never coming forward to grow the plant. And I have a aquarium with fishes with my work I always tend to forget to feed them at times. So when I was thinking on how to solve these problems I met azure sphere board. I thought this could solve all my problems and was ready to start doing it but I had too figure out many things on the way of building this project. I had previous experience working with Raspberry Pi, Nodemcu, Arduino but this board was special and overwhelming to start with so I have put a easy guide to get started with the project. So for the talking part I meant I would be building an Alexa and google assistant skills to monitor and do stuffs for me .



  • Monitor Plant soil Moisture
  • Monitor Room Temperature and Humidity
  • Turns on water pump
  • Turns on fish feeder
  • Integrates Alexa skill to get data.