Avnet is one of Microsoft's Azure Sphere training partners.  We've developed lab documents that we use when training engineering teams to develop Azure Sphere applications.  If you follow the Avnet Azure Sphere blogs here on Element14, you'll notice quite a bit of overlap with these documents.  However, we thought it would be useful to provide access to these documents for anyone to use.  These documents are always being updated and the links below will always point to the most recent document versions; all documents are versioned.


Feel free to add comments if you see any errors or have questions.  Please include the document name and version with your comment.





Standard Labs

These are the basic labs that we presents at each training.  Depending on the team and their POC plans we'll present either Lab-4 or Lab-5


Download Lab-0: Install the Azure Sphere Development ToolsDownload Lab-1 Prepare your Starter Kit for DevelopmentDownload Lab-0 + Lab-1 Condensed InstructionsDownload Lab-2 Running our First ApplicationDownload Lab-2 Running our First Application (Guardian 100)Download Lab-3  High Level Application Architecture and Azure IoT Hub FeaturesDownload Lab-4: Getting Data to the CloudDownload Lab-5: Accelerating your Cloud Dashboard ImplementationDownload OTA LabDownload OTA Cheat Sheet


Additional Labs

The labs in this section have been developed to help teams that have specific POC goals.