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Azure Sphere

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Posted by andreiflorian Jun 9, 2020
Table of Contents Table of Contents Video Code Project Overview Some more about TVOCs and Carbon Dioxide Co2 Levels TVOC Levels Frontend Managing the Relays The Azure Sphere Security Backend Automatic connection and Integration with the Azure Sphere Message Routing The Dashboard and App Going Further Market Research Target Market Competition Unique Selling Point User Persona Project Conduct Getting everything, ...


Posted by andreiflorian Nov 30, 2019
Overview In the age of IoT, businesses are digitalising and moving from pen and paper to screen and keyboard. Many managers are appealing to IoT solutions to better run their companies.   IoT helps businesses improve their sales and marketing by collecting data about their consumers and suggesting actions that would make the business more attractive, resulting in improved sales and presence at the store.   The problem is that IoT is expensive and difficult to implement, and although m ...