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Azure Sphere

2 Posts authored by: eivholt
What it does This project enables administrators to remotely provide access to buildings by unlocking doors. It is intended to be used at my local makerspace (my second home) where managing physical keys have proven to be problematic with many members. The makerspace in question is accessable via two doors - one main door which is shared with other tenants, and one inner door for the makerspace itself. The shared door often gets locked by other tenants while members are inside the makerspace and ...

Urban Farming

Posted by eivholt Nov 30, 2019
What it doesLiving above the Arctic Circle poses extra challenges for maintaining plants in the winter. Remembering to water them is arguably a non-geographical problem. This project is a highly customizable autonomous plant irrigation system. Being used indoors or outside is only a matter of ensuring the components are protected from moisture and the plants protected from low temperatures. In it's standard configuration it can monitor soil moisture in two different pots or outdoor areas. One wa ...