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Azure Sphere

2 Posts authored by: taimin
Project's repository:   PrefaceBefore I start with the project, I decided to conduct a brief introduction describing what process control is. In industrial process control this means bringing the dynamic object to a certain state and maintain this state as accurately as possible. It is know that actuators are not perfect and e.g the motor on which we give 12 volts will spin differently depending on the load connected to the sha ...

Azure connected door lock

Posted by taimin Oct 16, 2019
Introduction Parts Circuit Assembly Code The lock Usage Config Alarms Azure Telemetry Settings Properties Commands Rules Summary   Introduction Every where I go looking for some Azure Sphere resources I see that it's always secure in every possible aspect. Looks like the creators of the chip are focused on this task the most. And I'm not really surprised. Currently majority of IoT connected devices are open source or not ESP ba ...