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Azure Sphere

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Posted by vassily98 Nov 14, 2019
Most of the new hotels equip an automation system inside the rooms. The standard configuration provides access to the room via an RFID card, the subsequent activation of the room's electrical system and temperature control. I built a standalone proof-of-concept (PoC) system to demonstrate the integration of the Azure Sphere system in the building automation field. The prototype is housed inside a 8-module DIN module recovered from an old 27Vac transformer. Feel free to use any box or leave ever ...
Last month I bought a cheap CNC3018 from China. Is a good machine and I can produce PCBs with satisfying quality. The big noise was however a big problem, so I built a "soundproof" box in which I placed the machine. This setup needs some extras to fully satisfy me and I decided to implement everything with Avnet's Azure Sphere starter kit. In order to follow this tutorial you need to have already acquired the basic knowledge of azure sphere environment. Follow Brian Willes series to learn how ...