Since launching BitScope Micro with element14 late last year we now have many more customers than we used to !

BitScope Online Support Trello Board

To ensure we can continue to meet your needs, we looked for a new system we could use to extend our email and online support to help answer all your questions. We surveyed the market for a system we could use. We've chosen Trello and we're now using it to build a number of interactive BitScope Support Boards for you. A Support Board presents lists of support cards. Each card answers one question. We've created our first board for all your sales & support questions. You can leave feedback for us on the board too. We will post new cards on the topics about which we receive the most enquiries.

When you visit the board for the first time you may be invited to sign up (free). You don't have to, but if you do, you will be able to search the board by typing in a few words to find the card you're looking for,comment on any card to leave feedback or ask questions (but please read this), subscribe to any card to receive update notifications when the card changes, and vote on any card to approve of its content or request a feature described by the card. We may not respond to comments via the support board but we will read them. You can always email us to ask us any questions you cannot find answered on the board. If it's a common one we'll post a card answering it for everyone!

We will be publishing more boards (for developer support, bug and feature tracking etc). We'll have more updates soon (published via the board) and we welcome your feedback (email contacts). We hope you find it helpful !

Please see the BitScope Group for more about BitScope and the support options available.

Suffice to say we like Trello but in case you're wondering, we're not on the Trello payroll