We get asked from time to time whether you can use BitScope with Windows 98, XP and Vista.

The short answer is yes but your mileage may vary. Here is the latest edition (as at the time of writing) of BitScope DSO running on Windows XP:

BitScope DSO running on Windows XP

Unfortunately we can no longer provide official support for these old versions of Windows but we'll do our best to ensure you can still use them. No point to throwing away that ancient but otherwise useful Windows PC or notebook, turn it into a Mixed Signal Oscilloscope with BitScope

If you run into problems they're likely to be related to the USB when used with some old PC hardware. However, FTDI have drivers compatible with these older Windows editions (download here) that work for most people and we have published detailed troubleshooting information for this. If you do run into trouble you can connect to BitScope via a network (as shown here, connecting to a BS10U we put online at pi.bitscope.com using BitScope Server and Raspberry Pi). This avoids USB on the PC altogether. As far as our software itself is concerned, we've not seen any major issues but feel free to comment below with your own experiences.