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Phonics Owl

Posted by talkingjazz Mar 26, 2011
Following on from Thursdays meet-up, as often happens I started looking at toys. The Early Learning Centre has a selection of phonics (keyword, not necessarily  actually phonics) related educational items, including a few electronic ones. Goodie.   I was upset and distressed to find that the Peppa Pig's Fun Phonics was not in stock. They did however have an exciting looking Phonics owl which appeared to contain quite a few similarities to what we were talking about on the Thursday meet ...
Mitch teaching people to solder at BuildBrighton, photo by Barney A Letter From Mitch Sunday evening we received word from  Mitch Altman that we, along with 30 other hackerspaces, had been  accepted into the Great Global Hackerspace Challenge. If you don't know  what it's all about, check out the hackerspace challenge group. On hearing about our acceptance into the challenge we decided to meet  up as soon as possible to discuss ideas for the our project. A few of us  me ...