• Neopixels on Car

    Whilst looking around Youtube at various lighting projects I came across the following video from Tom BetGeorge. Tom has posted some awesome videos of choreographed lights to music in the past so I thought you'd like ...
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  • Motor Stuff

    i actually have 2 questions here.   1.) Has anyone used a NanoPi M4? what was your experience and how does it compare to the RP3 and RP4 (if you've used the new RP4)?   2.) I'm working on building a small ...
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  • Regenerative braking

    i am currently working on my diploma project..i have decided to make an regenerative braking working model concept is to use a dc motor to drive a wheel using belt drive. cutting the power supply of motor while braki...
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  • Arduino

    I just started to work with the Arduino UNO R3 and my question is can put 12V in to arduino or not?
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  • Dash-cams

    I am totally new to Raspberry PI but  I am thinking of is a RPI as dashboard-cam but in this case with multiple cams. Not only looking forward but also looking around the car to see what else is coming towards me...
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  • Anyone do any fun mods or projects with their cars?

    Last project I had was slimming down and rewrapping a engine wire harness for my old 02 Dodge Intrepid.   Think my nexr project is removing the EGR from my caravan and replace the EGR with a Relay and Resistor t...
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    created by TCPMeta
  • Drive a car with an iPhone, There’s  an App for That!

    You want to know how to drive a car with your iPhone.... Watch out these videos   http://www.electroniques.biz/video.php?id=24 http://www.electroniques.biz/video.php?id=23   Enjoy!!
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    created by Crozemarie
  • Status report: mission tuning...

    Hi again! been away for a while but not inactive! For those of you who are new: I've got myself a Chevrolet Corvette which I'm preparing to chip-tune or actually: completely re-map. What's unusual with this project...
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    created by Mackfarnell
  • Chip tune...

    Hi! I'm just started to discover the reprogramming the chip of the car. The ECM. I invite others to with experience of this to join this conversation. What car have YOU chip-tuned? Which chip was used (and where di...
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