Change-the-World-Logo.pngYesterday I put together a short list of biographies that exist on the element14 Community about influential engineers, after I was put in mind of the notion by our current CHANGE THE WORLD competition.


But our list of world changing engineer bios is far, far from complete. I've got a dozen other tasks I should be doing right now, yet instead I find myself obsessing over influential engineers!


So here's a question for you guys:


Which engineer (or engineers) have been most influential to you.


Now, I'm not necessarily asking which engineers you think have been the most influential in a general sense (that's a conversation for yesterday's blog) -- I mean personally.


Who is it that you look up to, or who is it that said something to spark your imagination and set you on a path? Who created something that changed your world?


Just as a way to begin building a list (that we could draw upon with some biographical content pieces down the line), I've put together my own favourites below, but really want to hear your nominations in the comments. They needn't necessarily be electronics engineers, either -- anyone from an engineering discipline would be fascinating to hear about.


I'm going to be a little bit obvious, and a little bit maverick all at the same time. I'm going for a top three (I've not included Tesla because I wanted to push myself to think a bit more about this, but feel he deserves an honorary mention -- as you all probably feel, too):


Leonardo da Vinci

Everything about this guy fascinates me, and always has. Even since I was a kid. And this might sound superficial, but it's the way he just churned amazing ideas; he started the next two before the current one was finished. You can just picture the whirlwind of chaotic, desperate creativity in his workshops. I was so excited when I met him (while playing Assassin's Creed 2).

Elon MuskI know billionaires are polarising people, but I like what this one's doing. He's not unlike da Vinci, I guess; he's a generator of the future, and quite irrepressible. I like to think that if I was super-mega rich (and as clever as this dude), it's what I'd be doing.Elon_Musk.jpg
Ralph BaerI had the pleasure of knowing this guy (in real life, too; not in Assassin's Creed). He once told me that he had a file on me in his basement workshop -- how cool is that?! Baer is best known as the inventor of video games, but he was a prolific engineer and inventor in many different ways, right up to his dying day. Ralph-Baer.jpg


And remember that there's still time to win a grand's worth of gear over at the CHANGE THE WORLD competition; after you've told us who changed your world, that is!