Running a RISC-V Processor on the Arty A7


The Arty A7-100TArty A7-100T contains a Xilinx XC7A100T FPGA which is the largest FPGA available for the Arty A7Arty A7 and is ideal for deployment of softcore processors. These processors can be either proprietary or open-source. One of the most popular open source processors is the RISC-V.


This tutorial covers building a RISC-V processor, specifically the SiFive Freedom E310 and steps through the process of loading the Freedom E310 onto an Arty A7, and programming it using the Arduino IDE.


Topics include:


  • Getting Started

  • Building the RISC-V

  • Programming the Hardware

  • Generating Software


What do you need for this project:



Walk through the tutorial and create your RISC-V based application.