MATLAB And The Analog Discovery 2

With the release of MATLAB 2018b, the Analog Discovery 2Analog Discovery 2 is now included as one of the many hardware devices supported by MATLAB.

MATLAB provides libraries for data acquisition hardware in their Data Acquisition Toolbox in order to do data capture, plotting and data analysis with MATLAB.

The Data Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for the Analog Discovery 2 includes libraries for:

  • Read data from the two oscilloscope channels (analog input)
  • Control and generate data from the two waveform generators (analog output)
  • Characterize ICs and measure the behavior of the circuit and IC components
  • Configure the sampling rate of the Analog Discovery device
  • Trigger the start of your data acquisition
  • Find and display Digilent Analog Discovery device settings



Find examples of these libraries and more about the documentation on the Digilent Blog.

MATLAB and Analog Discovery 2