Digilent Nexys VideoDigilent Nexys Video, Xilinx Artix 7-200T platform ( More InfoMore Info ), is an ideal development board for audio/video applications. There are three high-speed digital video ports, and a 24-bit audio codec on board.



With the on board memory and audio ports, Digilent engineer built an audio looper on Nexys Video. There are 16 banks so that users can record audio tracks and play them back at the same time. The audio data is sampled at 48KHz through on-board line in jack. The audio signals are then output through on-board line out jack. While a bank is playing, users can record additional tracks on other banks. If users play/record on a bank that is already playing, it will overwrite the audio on that bank.


Read all the steps and download the necessary files in Digilent Wiki Page to build your audio looper.