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My name is Hazel Doughty. I'm the Sales & Marketing Manager of a Bluetooth module and adapter manufacturer called LM Technologies Ltd, based in the UK. I would like to start by introducing LM and would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.


LM Technologies Ltd was formed in 2004 and began supplying Bluetooth USB adapters to the telecoms industry Europe wide. Having established strong relationships with Europe’s top two distributors LM Technologies Ltd started developing and building its own range of accessories for the telecoms market.


In 2008 and after four successful years, LM Technologies Ltd secured investment to grow research and development and design a range of advanced Bluetooth modules. Coupled with LM Technologies Ltd own range of adapters these modules are sold into industrial, commercial and telecoms markets worldwide. In parallel LM Technologies Ltd created two product divisions, each independently focused on range specific target markets.


LM Technologies Ltd latest program of design and development coupled with a traditional and solid foundation of supplying quality products at competitive prices saw continued expansion and strong growth in 2009 while the global financial crisis hit electronics manufacturers everywhere and without prejudice. LM Technologies Ltd believe this is due to the customer’s willingness to be open minded about their products rather than stick with previous suppliers who often over value their goods.


STAR (printers), EPSON, CASIO, SHARP are global businesses that now actively promote LM Technologies Ltd ‘unique’ RS232 Serial adapter that can be used as a wireless printer adapter unlike competitors products that do not handle the handshaking operations required.  Testament indeed to LM Technologies Ltd innovative developers and the high quality of product required to pass exhaustive and thorough quality controls required by manufacturers worldwide.


LM Technologies Ltd is a more compact Bluetooth manufacturer than many of its competitors, a distinct advantage. This allows them complete flexibility to design customer specific bespoke solutions from the ground up, in a timely manner, and with the highest level of service and support you would expect.


In 2009 LM Technologies Ltd launched eight new products. In 2010 this trend is set to continue with further innovations targeted at a fast growing range of new and emerging technologies and applications.  LM Technologies Ltd has already contracted orders that will see profits and turnover rise steadily in 2010 and beyond. With such long lead times generally experienced within electronics manufacturing their philosophy has always been to offer free support from inception to completion, design concept to mass production. LM Technologies Ltd support customers own product growth by offering a range of products that lead to wireless adoption and a clear integration path.  This path starts with bolt on wireless adapters like the LM048 and LM058, and as volume increases the LM400 12pin UART plug and play module for easy integration onto a PCB. This enables customers to produce one PCB, choice dependent on their volumes, and to Bluetooth enable their product as per demand. Once volumes stabilise we transfer customers to surface mount modules for high volume production.


Serial Wireless Adapter - LM048 > 12 Pin Plug & Play Module - LM400 > Surface Mount Module (High Volume) - LM071


Q. Why Choose LM Technologies Ltd?


A. Quality: LM Technologies Ltd has sold over 1 Million Bluetooth products with returns rates due to faulty build quality standing at 0.056% (data recorded on 01/05/2009).


A. Research and Development: LM Technologies Ltd design and engineer their own concepts, hardware, firmware and software. At volumes above 5000 units LM Technologies Ltd has designed and supported brand new products, and written specific firmware and software for customers free of charge as a way to quickly develop and cement future long term client relationships.


A. Good Business: Currently selling in 33 countries around the world to a client list which includes a broad range of globally well known and respected brands and one man bands, LM Technologies Ltd customers will always be offered the highest levels of service and support unique to their requirements.


A. Competitive Pricing: LM Technologies Ltd consistently deliver high quality products manufactured at competitive prices aligned with cheaper brands, yet deliver top of the range features and first class build.


Hazel Doughty

Sales & Marketing Manager


LM Technologies Ltd

Tel: + 44 (0) 207 428 2647


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