British defense tech firm BAE Systems is developing an active ‘e-camouflage’ system that will employ a form of electronic ink to project imagery of a vehicles surrounding terrain, rendering the vehicle somewhat invisible to potential attackers. Unlike conventional forms of camouflage, the images on the hull would change in concert with the changing environment always insuring that the vehicle remains disguised. The concept was developed as part of the Future Protected Vehicle program, which scientists believe, will transform the way in which future conflicts will be fought. The system exists only on paper currently, but BAE scientists are confident they can make the technology work, with hopes of getting it to British troops serving in Afghanistan in coming years. In fact, the idea was born partially of a problem the troops in Helmand province are having disguising their hardware. All armored units there are painted for desert environs, making them unmistakable even at a distance when they roll into cultivated, green parts of the region. I would say that e-camouflage would have come into existence sooner if we had captured a ‘Predator’ rather than terminate them.