United Microelectronics Corporation has recently announced that the company has produced customer Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) sensor products, with volume production scheduled for this year. As MEMS sensor applications become increasingly popular, demand for CMOS-MEMS foundry services is also rapidly on the rise. One such product is a microphone that uses UMC's CMOS-MEMS technology has achieved successful function verification, with highly competitive specifications of above 56dBA for signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio. Engineering samples are scheduled for the first half of this year, with volume production to begin thereafter. Development of the CMOS-MEMS accelerometer has also met consumer electronics application specifications (1g - 16g) and achieved readiness for volume production. “Our success with MEMS, a challenging technology, underscores UMC's commitment to offer customers a full range of innovative, high-performance, and compact solutions. UMC is delighted to make major strides in the timely delivery of CMOS-MEMS solutions that enable customers to meet the demanding requirements of today's cutting-edge applications,” said Anchor Chen, senior director of Special Technology Development at UMC. UMC will make this CMOS-MEMS technology available to industry and academia for new component development, with the goals of lowering the barriers of entry for IC design companies and increasing the global competitiveness of Taiwan's MEMS industry.