Taiwan-based handset ODM Compal Communications recently unveiled Robii, its first smart robot designed to accompany children aged 5-10, for sale under its own brand UrRobot, according to the company. Robii integrates image/voice recognition, sensors and projection technologies and features interactive learning and gamest based on multi-touch controls. Robii looks like a small monkey and can make more than 100 facial expressions using 170 LED chips and talks, and can track moving objects using built-in cameras and ambient sensors. Through finger-touch controls, Robii can project interactive games and learning content from its screen. Additional content is available online for download, Compal Communications indicated. “This industry-leading robot uses Himax's proprietary Color Filter microdisplay which we feel is a perfect fit for the toy market. We are very excited by the application of our pico-projector technology into the Robii. Up until now the educational toys with interactive features have largely required either a separate television/monitor display or featured small screens on a hand held device. The Robii incorporates projection to eliminate these obstacles and allows for a fun, dynamic and interactive experience right out of the box,” said HC Tsai, Vice President of Himax Display. The monkey robot Robii will sell for about $582, but there is no word as of yet when it will be available.