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February 16, 2011
Faster mobile device access is close at hand. SanDisk Corporation recently announced its next generation of iNAND and iNAND Ultra embedded flash drives featuring smaller and thinner form factors. Available in packages as small as 11.5mm x 13mm x 1mm, SanDisk's new iNAND and iNAND Ultra e.MMC products support the increasing demand for slimmer and more compact smartphone and tablet designs. The company reduced its iNAND package sizes by using advanced 24nm generation NAND memory chips, which are m ...
Pelican, a California startup company, is trying to make a big name for themselves by being a little outside the box. They a promoting a new camera for cellphones that consists of 25 small cameras. The concept is to spread available light over the 25 lenses as opposed to the large one it they are replacing. Image quality is improved by this capturing of more light, and performs extremely well in low light conditions. The final imaged is a collage of the 25 smaller pictures. Pelican also boasts t ...

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