Pelican, a California startup company, is trying to make a big name for themselves by being a little outside the box. They a promoting a new camera for cellphones that consists of 25 small cameras. The concept is to spread available light over the 25 lenses as opposed to the large one it they are replacing. Image quality is improved by this capturing of more light, and performs extremely well in low light conditions. The final imaged is a collage of the 25 smaller pictures.

Pelican also boasts that the 25 different pictures add an element of 3D depth to any one picture, and gesture capture is the main goal of this feature. Added as a front facing camera could allow us all to use our smartphones without ever touching it. Although they are pushing this tech for portable devices, I would like to see this on my desktop or laptop for similar gesture control. This camera system is also much smaller than what is used now, any phone could use a trim these days.More at