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“As electronics become more advanced, we are approaching the point where conventional materials like copper can’t take the heat. For computing to go faster and electronics systems to become more capable, better cooling solutions such as GE’s prototype substrate will be required to allow this to happen,” says Dr. Tao Deng, a senior scientist at GE Global Research.



GE and DARPA are teaming up to create a new "Phase-Change" material that in its prototype form demonstrated 2x thermal conductivity of copper at 1/4th the weight. The material is also able to withstand 10x gravity environments. Since this is a military endeavor, the gravity requirement means this will be used about aircraft. An additional unique feature brings "surface engineered coatings that both repel and attract water." Condensation will become less of an issue. Often, waterproof coatings on PCBs are used in military devices, but could wear away or peal under certain circumstances.



Dr. Tao Deng's blog has just started, I will keep an eye on this one to bring more breakthroughs and announcements as they happen.