Copper based ICs have reached nano-meter densities, with wire so small, that no current seizes to flow. The University of Cambridge professors John Robertson and Santiago Esconjauregui have devised a possible future solution. They are growing Carbon Nanotube in greater density than ever before, up to 5 times the most current working technology.


Through the annealing step, the deposit of catalyst onto a substrate are heated creating groupings of nanoparticles. The next step grows the nano-tubes. Normally, this process does not yield tubes that can carry sufficient amounts of current for use in ICs. But in the professor's case that place multiple deposits and annealing, produces bundles of nano-tubes capable of handling the current necessary. They claim that even higher densities are possible.


This is good step towards Carbon Nano-Tubes replacing copper in microchip manufacturing, but controlling the positions and laying out an actual circuit with Robertson and Esconjauregui's achievement has not been shown. And, they are only 2 people.


Which brings me to a realization. With so many people working with carbon nanotube and like technology, they all need to be pulling in the same direction. A global initiative will take us all into the future, now. Just a thought.