The aim of this project is to control a Robotic Arm which is mounted on to  the Traxster.  Wii Nunchuck is used to control Robotic Arm and Traxster. We are just using the two buttons and the Joystick and this data is been transfers wirelessly using the Xbee Shield between the two  Arduinos. We are using a L298N to run the DC motors of the traxster which has been made in to the PCB. we are using 9 vold battery to power the Arduino which is in the traxaster and 12 Volt battery to power the Traxster. the 12 Volt have been passed to voltage regulator to supply power to the H-bridge. 5 Volts have been given to the robotic Arm from the arduino. Servo motors of robotic arm will be mapped to 180 according to the joystick movement. The speed on the DC motors will controlled by varying PWM pins of the Arduino. The project is successfully completed. We are able to control the Traxster and Robotic Arm,  but  we may not get to the exact required position as the system is  a open loop.