Earlier this week a friend told us he was having hard times when installing his codewarrior on a brand new PC...

"maybe he were doing something bad" you might think, but no...

After a few tries (and failures), we start thinking this was related to something "else"

regarding, some funny virus scan from his McAfee antivirus appeared each time:


Yesterday we found McAfee Antivirus and Code Warrior Special Edition Download forum entry

and we tried its solution... now, our codewarrior installer already did its job, and he is now debugging


Basically, the work around is to disable the antivirus while you install the application,

once is installed, you can turn on the McAfee software... pretty easy... right? (after three days) ¬¬°


The past couple of days were quite interesting, trying to understand the missing step (you know, we engineers are quite stubborn)

We asked some friends on Freescale, and it seems this bug is affecting Code Warrior 7.2, on all Windows OS versions,

but ONLY with McAfee antivirus...if you find it is affecting some other OS or antivirus, please let us know!