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Here is a short video that explains the procedure for booting VxWorks OS on Stratix III Dev. Kit using MP32 IP core. The video does not have audio instructions.  We are in the process of updating the video with audio instructions.  Coming soon: video with audio instructions.         More Information at: ...

Common sensing ~

Posted by squadMCU Sep 20, 2011
By Jim Trudeau   Freescale covers a lot of territory horizontally – industrial, consumer, networking, medical … the list is long. Our technological breadth and depth is immense as a result. We’re famous for it. So what? You are always right to ask, “What’s in it for me?”   Well, our technical scope serves you well. You have an orthogonal challenge to the one that we face – while we have to cover a wide area, you have to deal with one area in ...
The traditional approach to picking silicon involves data sheets; matrices of features; at best, a complex spreadsheet of all the many parts with all the many options laid out. Let’s call this the “top down” approach. You have to already be somewhat familiar with the universe of parts. Then you have to see if the part fits your need. Does it have SPI? Does it support JTAG? Can it support the touch capacitive screen your team wants? Even when it all comes together, how do you kn ...

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