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StarCore technology offers fully scalable and flexible solutions at low cost, these high-performance low power programmable devices for baseband, aerospace, defense, medical and test and measurement solutions allow to get to market faster.


CodeWarrior for StarCore is based on the Eclipse platform, enabling support of eclipse community which leverages larger ecosystem, and provides a framework that combines build, debug, simulation, and analysis tools.


Definitely, creating applications for complex multi-core DSP targets is overwhelming without the best development tools. CodeWarrior Development Studio for StarCore 10.2.10 meets this challenge by providing you with some new cool features:

- Updated SmartDSP Operative System

- Improved Debugger Motor

- Continued support to MSC815x family

- Continued support to PSC 9131

- Preliminary (lightly tested) support for PSC 9132


The CodeWarrior Developer Studio for StarCore 10.2.10 is ready for digital processing!

Start designing now with CW10.2.10 now!

CodeWarrior Development Studio is one of the most robust Integrated Development Environments (IDE) in the debugging industry; allowing highly automated visual framework for complex embedded applications.


The combination of flexibility and scalability of Power Architecture technology and the broad–based community collaboration model of accelerates platform innovation by reducing development costs allowing engineers powerful, consistent, and simplified communications.


Why you should consider the new CodeWarrior 10.1.2 for Power Architecture release?
Easy!  This release includes these cool features:
- New device support and capabilities across all aspects of the tools
- Improved build tools—One for Bare metal and one for Linux targets
- Debugger and software analysis tools


CodeWarrior developers will be pleased with this new release and from this point on, each supported core will have its own build tool (Bare metal and Linux), and therefore having better core-specific code performance.


Experience the newest version of CodeWarrior Developer Studio. Its is all about Power engineers!

Start developing with CW10.1.2 today!

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