SuperSpeed USB
Performance Numbers
More than 2Gbps achieved with SuperSpeed USB Core in FPGA - on a complete hardware system!
                Recently released performance numbers for SLS SuperSpeed USB Device IP Core on various host controllers indicate more than 2Gbps speed acheived on the complete hardware system.  The Cyclone IV based USB 3.0 development board developed by SLS is used for building the hardware system on device side.


The USB 3.0 standard claims that it is 10 times faster than USB 2.0. The theoretical speed is 4.8Gbps (600MBps).  The  core efficiency is dependent on a number of factors like 8b/10b encoding, packet structure and framing, link level flow control and    protocol overhead.
At   5Gbps signalling rate with 8b/10b encoding, the raw throughput is 500MBps.  When link flow control, packet framing, and protocol overhead are considered, it is realistic for 400MBps or more to be delivered  to an application.


usb3_core.pngSuperSpeed USB Core


usb3_db.jpgDevelopment Board


Designing SuperSpeed USB with NAND Flash?  Read this: SuperSpeed USB and NAND FLASH Designs   


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