Visitors to the Newark element14 booth at Design West found it overflowing with hands-on demos, product giveaways, video Q&As, and tutorials on Arduino-based applications, ARM development tools, the next-generation BeagleBone, and, of course,  Raspberry Pi.


Industry luminaries including Raspberry Pi co-creator and Gertboard creator, Gert Van Loo (Gertboard enables the Raspberry Pi to interface to the outside world through analog and digital converters and I/O, as well as motor controllers) and element 14’s own Ben Heck made their talents available to booth visitors..


Heck will be filming his popular element14-sponsored online TV series, "The Ben Heck Show," directly from the show floor, as well as conducting one-on-one interviews with key members of the design community to uncover today's most sought-after questions about the latest technology, design tools, and top manufacturers. Heck and Van Loo, will offer 45-minute informational tutorials including a sessions entitled "Beagles, Boards and Raspberry Pi…Oh my!"


This morning in the session “What the Heck is That? Prototyping Tales of Horror” element 14’s Heck tells tales about his Element14 Internet video program that has been viewed by about seven million viewers worldwide. A veteran of 77 episodes on element14 Heck shows engineers how to prototype more than 50 build it yourself projects including a mailbox that tells you when it’s got mail and robot luggage that follows you around the airport hands-free.