Atmel Corporation used the forum of Design West to launch a new integrated development tools platform, a complete hardware and software product specifically designed to support Atmel MCUs including its recent ARM Cortex-M4-based SAM4L family.


Specifically tailored to allow developers to take advantage of Atmel's MCUs,the new platform consists of hardware and development tools, embedded software and an embedded 'app' store where engineers can utilize Atmel Xplained Pro; Atmel Studio 6; Atmel Software Framework; and  Atmel Gallery.


Atmel's Xplained Pro evaluation kit, provides engineers with a low-cost out-of-the-box board that includes an Atmel MCU, embedded debugger, and connectors for extension boards. When designers plug the Xplained board into their system, they can pull-up Atmel Studio 6 and Atmel Software Framework with over 2,000 ready-to-run project examples. Atmel Gallery, which is fully integrated into Studio 6, allows embedded designers to pull up a development App Store to download third party extensions and plug-ins for their projects.