littleBits Synth Kit (via Littlebits)

A while ago a tech startup, littleBits, designed and developed a series of electronic circuit board modules that can be connected together (using magnets) to perform any number of functions. The idea was to get children interested in prototyping and learning about electronics, which is why the devices require no soldering, wiring or programming. The initial release of those modules, which are still limited in scope, was a huge success and not only interested kids but adults as well. While some of those modules are capable of making noise, they cannot really make music, which is why littleBits has teamed up with Korg to release their new Synth Kit. Just like connecting the company’s first line of modules to create interesting projects, the Synth Kit functions in the same manner but instead allows users to create music. Just as the name implies, the Synth Kit functions much like an analog synthesizer. The soon to be released kit (available December 6) contains everything you need to create music, including a micro sequencer, keyboard, filter, mixer, oscillator, delay module, power supply and even a speaker (although you can hook-up your own as well). The modules are all color-coded depending on the function they perform, with blue representing power, orange for wire connections, pink for input and green for output. This makes it easy to find the pieces users need to connect together. If that was not easy enough, the magnets can only attach one way, which prevents users from connecting the modules in the wrong way, potentially damaging the module(s). The Synth Kit will retail for $159, which nets users a total of 12 modules, a 35-page instruction booklet, a battery and a connection cable.



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