Geomerics’ Enlighten lighting engine featured in Battlefield 4. Mobile will be able to play games.. but the HMI is still lacking! (via ARM)

Gaming on mobile devices has come a long way in the last five years due to avalanche advancements in technology, which allowed us to go from playing Tetris to playing first-person shooters. There’s a good chance that the mobile device your currently using has an ARM processor in it, especially if it’s an Android-based device. Users that own one of those ARM-equipped Android smart devices and love to game on them should be overjoyed with ARM’s latest announcement regarding their acquisition of Geomerics. The UK-based company is known for their high-quality lighting effects in both the gaming and entertainment industries and will now be part of the mobile device market as well. For those who may not know what triple-A titles Geomerics has under their belt may be surprised to find that their ‘Enlighten’ global-illumination engine is featured in titles such as Battlefield 3/4, The Bureau- Xcom declassified and Need for Speed: The Run to name a few. It’s interesting to note that according to ARM, Geomerics will be able to retain and build upon their existing clients while helping ARM bring their technology to the mobile market. While it has not exactly known what ARM plans on using Geomerics technology for, one thing is for certain, with the new generation of Cortex processors (including Mali GPUs) on the horizon, they will most likely be coupled with some form of the Enlighten engine. Meaning, games will take on a completely new visual level on mobile devices in the near future. The future is shaping up to look very bright indeed!


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