IoT connected mailbox... or is it just a package monitor? (via kickstarter)

The Internet of Things is fast approaching and many appliances and everyday objects are beginning to become connected to the internet. With the plethora of devices now available, making this happen is now easier than ever. Devices such as Arduinos have attracted people to programming and have brought more people into the do-it-yourself community, creating one of the largest communities in electronics. Due to the Arduino many other devices have been created following a similar ideology: easy to use, simple to program, and easy to interface with other devices. One such device has been the Spark Core.


The Spark Core has been made to be as simple to program as the Arduino and also provide an easy method of connecting to the internet. Using this many people have come up with their own way to connect devices to the internet. One example is the Mr. Postman mailbox. Beginning a crowd sourcing campaign on Kickstarter just as the Spark Core, Mr. Postman is a mailbox with Wi-Fi capabilities. Using its Spark Core, the mailbox can allow people to receive notifications when they receive mail or when mail has been picked up. For security purposes it also can be locked and unlocked through a single app that will allow users to monitor it from wherever they may be.


As mentioned, the main electronics used to make the Mr. Postman work is a Spark Core. A 0.6 Watt solar panel is used to power and charge the device on sunny days, and a 3.7 Volt battery is used for backup power. Various sensors will also come housed in the mailbox to detect when the door is open and to allow the door to be locked. Additionally, thanks to the Spark Core the device has a simple way of connecting to your home Wi-Fi network, and will also provide a very secure connection.


The mailbox comes in dimensions of 9.8” wide x 8.6” tall x 20.4” long. The mailbox has been made a little wider than the traditional mailboxes to accommodate common items such books, electronics, and toys and will be available in 3 different colors. It also has a recessed door to keep mail better protected from weather or any other outside elements. For $180 you can receive your own Mr. Postman for the next 29 days through their Kickstarter page. For more information check out Kickstarter.



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