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PCB stack-up design

Posted by skipbruce Aug 21, 2014
PCB Stack-Up Design Before designing multi-layer PCB circuit boards, designers need to confirm the circuit boards structure primarily based on the scale of circuit, the size of circuit boards, and the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). It means that designers have to decide to use 2, 4, 6, or more layers of circuit boards. If the design requires the use of high density ball grid array (BGA) devices, the minimal number of wiring layers required for these devices must be consider ...

Embedded Systems

Posted by em_strings Aug 21, 2014
Hi ,   Embedded Strings inc  is a well-established company which specializes in the design, development, testing and manufacturing of complex embedded systems/Hardware. Our target markets are healthcare, telecommunication, aerospace and remote monitoring. We have delivered customized hardware and software products that have application in wireless sensor networking, wireless tracking, digital signal processing and innovate medical monitoring devices. We specialize in Field Pr ...
A Sensing node consists of methane gas sensor, carbon monoxide gas sensor, accelerometer sensor, temperature sensor and RS232 interface circuit with dual port RAM. Methane gas sensor and carbon monoxide gas sensors are placed on stationary node because its concentration is lighter than so it detects near the roof of the mine. The purpose of using accelerometer is to detect the earth quake type of activities. The Sensing node gets data from neighbouring Sensing node and sends its data to the next ...

PCB Panel Design

Posted by skipbruce Aug 18, 2014
1.5 Printed Cuicuit Board Panel DesignThere are two problems to consider when design panel: one is how to place the boards; and the other is the way of connection. 1.5.1  Panel LayoutPanel can increase productivity and save on production costs; the first thing to consider in panel design is how to place small plates together to make a lager board. It is recommended that the basis of panel design is when the final size is close to the ideal size (Figure1.2.1). PCB board’s long ...
Quote from NexPCB ---------------------------------- In PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design, it is best not to exceed the batch-production technology level of manufacturers. Otherwise, the PCBs may not be able to be processed, or have high associated costs. 1.1 Range of Dimensions The ideal dimensions for production are as follows: width (200mm-250mm), length (250mm-350mm). For a PCB with length shorter than 125mm or width shorter than 100mm the panelization method can be used to transform the ...

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