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December 1, 2014
This article was first issued on Freescale embedded beat blogs ( by Kathleen Jachimiak, product marketing manager for Kinetis microcontrollers.   Remember playing with Rubik’s cubes back in t he 1980s? 2014 actually marks the 40th birthday of this 3D puzzle. It is a simple cube in which each side is made up of nine colored mini-cubes with an objective to somehow rotate it in exactly the correct way so that each side would be one solid color. They provid ...
This article was first published on Embedded Beat (oct. 2014) by Donnie Garcia, Freescale Kinetis New Products Team     I don’t have a home security system, but my second hand experience from family and friends is that they can be a real hassle. In addition to the cost of the system and having it physically installed, there are constant headaches with remembering to set the alarm, false alarms, and having to remember yet another password. When deciding to bring such a device i ...

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