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It’s not just about performance and integration, the ARM Cortex-M4 based Kinetis K Series brings world class low-power modes and a comprehensive set of development tools and software, helping you save precious time and resources.


If you haven’t noticed, the Kinetis portfolio is vast – from general embedded, to ultra-low power, to a wide range of application specific MCUs.  As for the Kinetis K Series, we’ve honed in on general embedded applications.  Need USB? We’ve got that. Ethernet, Crypto? Yep. Graphic LCD? Ditto.  And there’s more.  Kinetis K devices range in flash size from 32KB to 2MB, up to 256KB of onboard SRAM and a broad range of peripheral combinations for measurement and control, connectivity and security.


Selector Guide


Here’s the family lineup:

K0x Entry-level MCUs
K1x Baseline MCUs
K3x Segment LCD MCUs
K4x USB & Segment LCD MCUs
K5x Measurement MCUs
K6x Ethernet Crypto MCUs
K7x Graphic LCD MCUs

How do you decide which device is best for your design with what seems like endless options?

We’ve helped make the selection process easier with the Kinetis K Selector Guide.

Try it out and let me know what you think.


Justin Mortimer is a Kinetis Product Owner