SIG says the new spec can deliver robust and reliable IoT connections, making full-home and outdoor use a lot easier to implement.


Almost every new mobile device features it but most of us really never think about it until there becomes a connection issue. I am, of course, talking about Bluetooth- the wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances. It’s been in its current form, version 4.2 since December of 2014 and has since been officially replaced by version 5.0 according to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.


The Group published a press release back in June detailing the new specs that make v4.2 look like antiquated technology, which includes quadruple the range in which devices can be connected, doubles the data transfer speeds and increases the data flow 8-times over. One of the areas that will not increase is the power consumption, using the same low-power IP connectivity as the previous version even though its core specs have increased.


The new spec also greatly benefits low-powered IoT devices, especially where range and broadcasting capabilities are a problem such as full-home and outdoor options. In these cases, broadcasting and receiving data from IoT devices such as remote sensing and data collection would benefit immensely as they typically feature small batteries that can provide power for weeks or months at a time.


Imagine too, walking through a smart-home and interacting with appliances, security systems, and lighting that wirelessly connect to a central beacon rather than multiple deployed nodes. Not only does that reduce the hardware needed but also saves on energy.

The spec features 2x the bandwidth, 4x the range, while sticking with the popular Low Energy of v4.2LE.


As it stands today, SIG expects the new 5.0 standard to be adopted by tech companies within a 2 to 5-month period, which matches up perfectly with the latest mobile device revisions, including the iPhone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 set to hit the market in roughly the same timeframe. We will no doubt also see 5.0 incorporated into new SoCs, development boards and add-on wireless modules, considering the technology benefits IoT devices. In fact, Nordic Semiconductor has already released a Preview Dev Kit that features the new technology-


Those looking for more information on the new Bluetooth 5>0 standard should check the Special Interest Group’s press release found here.   


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