Samsung San Jose headquarters. (Image credit Samsung)


AI has crept into nearly every industry over the last few years- manufacturing, retail/commerce, medical, tech, to name just a few. Looking to keep pace with everyone else, Samsung has recently announced that it will be building an AI research center aligned with the company’s mobile and consumer electronics businesses, although they did not say where the research center would be located.


Of course, Samsung let their AI intentions known several months ago when the company opened up an AI research lab (AKA SAIT- Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology)) at the University of Montreal, Canada. The focus at this institute revolves around various AI endeavors, including self-driving vehicles, translation, image recognition and robotics.


This latest announcement also underlines several minor changes to the company’s business structure to ‘quickly respond to market changes.’ The changes are a response from Samsung who appointed a new generation of top managers, specifically to dissuade lingering worries concerning a leadership vacuum from the removal of Vice Chairman Jay Y. Lee who was replaced by Bae Su-Hyun.


Samsung is also bolstering its business development role of Chief Strategy Officer Young Sohn who is tasked with exploring new business opportunities regarding the company’s electronic components. Regardless of all the personnel shuffling, it’s unknown as to when Samsung will develop and incorporate their AI advancements into new technology, and they will have a long way to go to catch up to other tech companies (Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc.) who have been developing AI applications for some time now.


Still, it will be interesting to see what comes to fruition from their developments, considering they forked over $40-million in funding to DeePhi Tech (Chinese AI developer) back in October; we may eventually see network-AI in the company’s mobile device chipsets.


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