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There are times when a big project just doesn't seem feasible in your schedule yet you desperately seek a way to expel some electronics energy. Whether it's the time you unexpectedly lost running errands or the space constraints on your workbench that necessitate different project requirements, this quick tutorial is geared to give you that electronics outlet you desire! In this blog post I will detail the quick and easy way to develop a stopwatch using the Digilent Cmod A7 (now available in two ...
Meltdown melts security boundaries enforced by hardware while Spectre breaks the isolation between different applications- giving hackers the ability to steal sensitive data. (Image credit: Pexels)   Researchers have discovered a pair of flaws in computer chips that could leave billions of mobile devices and computers vulnerable to security risks. Known as the Meltdown and Spectre, these exploits target critical vulnerabilities in nearly all modern processors, allowing hackers to steal dat ...

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