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Researchers at Urbana- Champaign and Texas, Dallas say crystals made from boron arsenide could be more effective at cooling down electronics. This is what the boron arsenide crystal looks like under an electron microscope. (Photo via the University of Texas at Dallas)   It’s normal for electronics like computers and smartphones to get hot after hours of use. The device is just doing its job. But with companies rushing to release more powerful, faster, and smaller electronics, heat ma ...
The WebUSB API was designed for USB devices to safely connect to the web without the need for a dedicated platform. (Image credit: Pixabay)   The WebUSB platform has been out for a while now and uses an API for connecting USB devices directly to different web pages depending on the task. It was created with the vision for use as an internet connectivity platform for hardware developers and manufacturers of non-standardized USB devices, effectively eliminating the need to code native driver ...

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