The prototype has lots of potential for pets to hide from loud noise. The noise-canceling kennel is only a prototype, but it has a lot of potential in the future. (Credit: Lyn West, Ford of Europe)

Many pet owners worry about the nightmarish sounds left behind by fireworks and the impact it has on their pets and for good reason too. I had a dog once that was frightened of fireworks and thunderstorms, so I sympathize. We all know, their hearing is a lot more sensitive than humans, so it's not a surprise that most pets start showing signs of fear and distress when fireworks start popping.


A solution to help ease dog's distress/fear or eliminate it completely during a display of fireworks would be to use the noise-canceling kennel, from Ford, that uses similar technology found in cars and headphones.


Microphones inside the kennel detect the sound of fireworks and once that happens, a built-in audio system emits opposing frequencies. That causes the noise to be canceled out completely or lessened significantly. The kennel also uses high-density cork in its design to carry out the sound-proofing. This is only a prototype for now, but it bodes well for the future for pet owners and their pets.


This idea was inspired by the noise-canceling technology found in the Edge SUV that allows for a much quieter experience in their car journeys for drivers and passengers. The noise is canceled out when microphones in the SUV pick up high levels of noise from the engine or transmission and counteracts it by using opposing sound waves from the audio system.


The noise-canceling kennel is just a prototype for now, but it belongs to a series of initiatives called interventions which applies automotive technology to help solve everyday problems.


I could use something like this in office situations. Especially open office layouts.




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